Certificate of Excellence 2019


The vessel


The vessel of Seafari have 65 foot long steel which has beten extensively krefurbished and is specially designed and reinforced for use in shallow coastal waters. The ship is eco-friendly with special drive systems which minimize any dangerous or damaging substances such as oil or fuel entering the water. It has also had special noise reducing improvements which greatly reduce engine and machinery noise. The ship also has low-wash characteristics which mean that it does not create big waves behind it which can cause coastal erosion and even frighten or injure wildlife.

Full Passenger carrying licence and safety equipment.

full passenger

The ship is fully approved for carrying passengers by the Department of the Marine and has all of the necessary safety equipment.

Comfortable and stable

It is very stable and comfortable and in 10 years of Seafari’s operations we have never had one person sea-sick. The ship is so sea-worthy. That we have even sailed it on the open sea to and from Limerick and Cork both distances of about 100 miles.

comfortable and stable

Covered and carpeted.

The vessel of Seafari has a covered carpeted area. Every-one can fit on a rainy day or if the sun is too intense! There are open deck areas on the bow . (Front pointy bit) and on the stern at the back for those that like to get plenty of fresh air. There is a fully enclosed front saloon for those windy or wet days. The main open viewing saloon in the midships area has drop down canvas windows so that we can stay cosy.

Wheelchair accessible

The ship is wheelchair friendly however access to the ship is difficult at low tide. If possible please contact us in advance so that we can advise on the most suitable sailing times for boarding.

For wheelchair bound guests, access to the toilet on board is difficult. The new ship we promise will have wheelchairs very much at the top of the list of priorities.

Serving area

There is a serving area from which we serve our complimentary snacks and there is also a small shop/bar. There are full, clean, warm toilet facilities and running water on board, just like home!

On-board Equipment

We have also equipped with binoculars for adults and kids. There are traditional woollen rugs from the local Kerry Woollen Mills, to keep you warm when you sit out in the open. Also wildlife manuals which include photographs of the most commonly seen bird and animal life. There are wildlife books so that we can identify unusual species of fauna and flora. Also other information on things to do in the area, restaurant menus, accommodation guides and so on. We have splendid charts and maps of the surrounding area so that you can get your bearings.

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